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Receive Light

Compliations by Jeff Ostler

Life, Faith, Confidence

Jeff is a disciple of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His mind is disciplined by persistent study of the word of God. He boldly stands and teaches the gospel in ways that touches peoples hearts to be able to see deeper layers revealed in the scriptures.

Jeff has found from the writing of others, the deeper understandings and has quoted some of these other authors for the benefit of his children and those who are looking for these deeper understandings.

I quote liberally from scriptures, not to prove the points I am making, but because these references wonderfully describe what I believe we can experience. 

If you are truly seeking for greater love, joy and peace of Christ in your life, it is the content that is of great value. So please, read to recover that which is behind the veil, not to prove or disprove. Let the Spirit prove this for you. 

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