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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

How to RE-CEIVE Revelation:

1. Check your Focus and Motive – Is Revelation given to glorify “SELF” or God? A. Is this about me or about God teaching us what we need?

B. Do not think that Revelation is about worthiness or Adequacy.

2. Lay Aside self-will and ego desires (Lusts) and “being right”.

A. The natural man cannot Re-ceive or KNOW the things of the Spirit.

3. Come with a “Not-Knowing mind

A. Lay aside all self-knowledge and pre-conceived perspective.

B. Lay Aside all pre-conceptions and conclusions. Let go of your natural man ego Self .

C. Let the Spirit tell you something new or different – be open to it.

D. Don’t try to fit Re-UNVeil-ation in with your knowledge or perspective.

E. Be willing to look at it from a heart of love and open-ness.

F. Prophet Jos. Smith: If you hope to be with Christ, you must put away ALL your false traditions.

4. Know that God will give you what is for your best good and every experience shall be for your good.

5. Know that the Spirit is always speaking – Choose to listen regardless of what it may change in you or your normal routine (Do not stay in the rut or the “box”).

A. We only occasionally choose to listen – because there is so much “NOISE” in our lives.

“Lay Aside all pre-conceptions and conclusions. Let go of your natural man ego Self ”

6. The Spirit usually speaks to your “Heart”, your Eternal Spirit.

A. The Human mind is part of the natural man ego and body.

B. The “heart” is located deep within your eternal Spirit –which is inseparably connected with God

C. John 15: I (Christ) am the (whole) vine, you are the branches on that vine – you can do NOTHING without me.

D. You “Heart/Spirit is typically neglected and pushed down deep inside or “closed for the season” while you deal with all the cares of the world and lusts of the “flesh” (Natural man ego self) and desires for worldly success, power, position, possessions, pleasures and Praise from others and God.

7. As the Lord to break open your heart/Spirit to Re-Ceive.

A Re-Ceive means to “embrace within again”.

B. Re-Ceive is the key word to open the windows of Heaven Within us - to Wisdom.

C. Re-Ceive ALL THINGS with gratefulness – “He that Re-Ceives with thankfulness is blessed one hundred fold.

D. What doth is profit a man if a “Gift” is given and he Re-ceive not the Gift? He neither rejoices in the Gift nor in the giver of the Gift D&C 88:33

8. Revelation is not given to glorify you or make you bigger (puffy-er = more prideFULL), nor more successful, nor more Pre-eminent over others.

9. Revelation is given to bring you back in One-ness with Christ = AT-ONE-MENT!

A. Pres. Joseph F. Smith: Revelation is not discovery – it is “Re-Covery”.

B. It is already within you – just waiting for realization.

C. Revelation is given to guide, protect, instruct, and “edify”, and help you learn from ALL the experiences that God gifts to you – including the ones we think are “Bad”. With Every Experience you can say: Lord, what are you gifting me here? All experiences in our lives are gifts. Thank you Lord for this experience! Life is a Gift from God. Eternal Life Now is God’s Greatest Gift! What are you teaching me here? All experiences are blessings and teaching moments from God.

D. In nothing doth man offend God except those who confess NOT His Hand in ALL THINGS!

10. You can learn more in 1 minute of Revelation than in reading 100 books

11. You can learn more spending 5 minutes in “Heaven”, than by reading all the books that were ever written. (The Prophet Joseph Smith)

12. Luke 17:20-21 Heaven cometh not with outward observance – it is “WITHIN” you (Jesus, Our lord, Creator, and Savior).

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