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RECEIVING a FULLNESSof Glory, Spirit, Love, Joy, Light, Priest-Hood, Holy Order, Entering into Rest!

FROM The Prophet JOSEPH SMITH on Re-Ceiving a FULLNESS of Glory, Spirit, Joy, Love, Priest-HOOD, LIGHT,; Entering into Rest, HOLY Order,

Perfect Love a Safeguard Against Falling from Grace

Brother Joseph Smith, Jr. said: Until we have perfect love we are liable to fall and when we have a testimony that our names are sealed in the Lamb's book of life we have perfect love and then it is impossible for false Christs to deceive us;, that God had often sealed up the heavens because of covetousness in the Church. The Lord would cut short his work in righteousness and except the Church receive the Fullness of the scriptures that they would yet fail. [See, Note 5, page 9] -- FWWR, p. 16. (Oct. 25, 1831.)(From TPJS page 9)

Search the Scriptures—search the Revelations which we publish, and ask you Heavenly Father, in the NAME of His Son Jesus Christ, to manifest the truth unto you, and if you do it with an eye SINGLE to His GLORY nothing doubting, HE will answer you by the Power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT, YOU will then know for yourselves and not for another. You will not then be dependent on man for the KNOWLEDGE of God; nor will there be any room for speculation. No, for when men Re-Ceive their instruction from Him that made them, they know He will save them. (TPJS page 11)

Every man lives for himself. But except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. He can never see the Celestial Kingdom of God without being born of water and OF the Spirit. He can never come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels; to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, and to Jesus the Mediator of the New COVENANT, unless he becomes as a little child, and is taught by THE SPIRIT of God. Fellow sojourners upon the earth, it is your privilege to purify yourselves and come up the same GLORY, ands see for yourselves, and KNOW for yourselves. Ask, and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

(TPJS pg 12-13 DHC 1:282-284)

The duty of a High Priest (HOLY ORDER) is to administer in spiritual and Holy things, and to hold communion with God; but not to exercise monarchial government, or to appoint meetings for the Elders without their consent. And again, it is the High Priests' duty to be better qualified to teach principles and doctrines, than the Elders; for the office of Elder IS an appendage to the High Priesthood, and it concentrates and centers in one. the lead in managing the business; but if not, such as have the highest authority should preside. (TPJS pg 21)

We know not what we shall be called to pass through before Zion is delivered and established, therefore, we have great need to live near to God. (TPJS pg. 32)

Zion to Suffer Affliction

I cannot learn from any communication by the Spirit to me, that Zion has forfeited her claim to a celestial crown, notwithstanding the Lord has caused her to be thus afflicted, except it may be some individuals, who have walked in disobedience, and forsaken the New Covenant; all such will be made manifest by their works in due time. I have always expected that Zion would suffer some affliction, from what I could learn from the commendments which have been given. But I would remind you of a certain clause in one which ways, that after much tribulation cometh the blessing. By this, and also others, and also one received of late, I know that Zion, in the due time of the lord, will be redeemed; but how many will be the days of purification, tribulation, and affliction, the Lord has kept hid from my eyes; and when I inquire concerning this subject, the Voice of the Lord is: Be still, and know that I am God; all those who suffer for my name shall reign with me, and he that layeth down his life for my sake shall find it again. (TPJS pg . 34)

We consider that God has created man with a mind capable of instruction and a faculty which may be enlarged in proportion to the heed and diligence given to the Light communicated from heaven to the intellect; and that the nears man approaches perfection, the clearer are his views, and the great his enjoyments, till he has overcome the evils of hi life and lost every desire for sin; and like the ancients, arrives at that point of faith where he is wrapped in the power and GLORY of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him . But we consider that this is a station to which no man ever arrived in a moment: he must have been instructed in the government and laws of that kingdom by proper degrees, until his mind is capable in some measure of comprehending the propriety, justice, equality, and consistency of the same. (TPJS pg 51)

All things which God Communicated to His People were calculated to draw their minds to the great object, and to teach them to rely upon GOD ALONE as the author of their Salvation. (TPJS pg 61)

Paul says: TO all who love His appearing, shall be given the crown, and John says, When He shall appear, we shall BE like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. Can we mistake such language as this? DO we not offer violence to our own good judgment when we deny the Second coming of the Messiah? (TPJS pg 65)

God was to call a remnant, IN which was to be deliverance, as well as in Jerusalem and Zion. Now if God should give no more revelations, where will we find Zion and this remnant? The time is near when desolation is to cover the earth, and then God will have a place of deliverance in his remnant, and in Zion.

Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none; for without Zion, and a place of deliverance, we must fall; because the time is near when the sun will be darkened, and the moon turn to blood, and the stars fall from the heaven, and the earth reel to and fro. Then, if this is the case, and if we are not sanctified and gathered to the places God has appointed, with all our former professions and our great love for the Bible, we must fall; we cannot stand; we cannot be saved; for God will gather out his Saints from the Gentiles, and then comes desolation and destruction, and none can escape except the Pure IN Heart (ZION) who are gathered. -- HC 2:52. (TPJS pg 70-71)

I was introduced to a man from the east. After hearing his name, he remarked that I was nothing but a man, indicating by this expression, that he had supposed that a person to whom the Lord should see fit to reveal His will, must be something more than a man. He seemed to have forgotten the saying that fell from the lips of St. James, that Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, yet he had such power (HOLY ORDER) with God, that He, in answer to his prayers, shut the heavens that they gave no rain for the space of three years and six months; and again, in answer to his prayer, the heavens gave forth rain, and the earth gave forth fruit. Indeed, such is the darkness and ignorance of this generation, that they look upon it as incredible that a man should have any intercourse (commune with) with his Maker. (Nov. 6, 1835). HC, Vol. 2:302. (TPJS pg 89)

Do not watch for iniquity in each other, if you do you will not get an endowment, for God will not bestow it on such. But if we are faithful, and live by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God, I will venture to prophesy that we shall get a blessing that will be worth remembering, if we should live as long as John the Revelator; our blessings will be such as we have not realized before, nor received in this generation. The order of the house of God as been, and ever will be, the same, even after Christ comes; and after the termination of the thousand years it will be the same; and we shall finally enter into the celestial kingdom of God, and enjoy it forever.

You need an endowment, brethren, in order that you may be prepared and able to overcome all things; The sick will be healed, the lame made to walk, the deaf to hear, and the blind to see, through your instrumentality. But let me tell you, that you will not have power, after the endowment to heal those that have not faith, nor to benefit them, for you might as well expect to benefit a devil in hell as such as are possessed of his spirit, and are willing to keep it: for they are habitations for devils, and only fit for his society. But when you are endowed and prepared to preach the Gospel to all nations, kindreds, and tongues, in their own languages, you must faithfully warn all, and bind up the testimony, and seal up the law, and the destroying angel will follow close at your heels, and exercise his tremendous mission upon the children of disobedience; and destroy the workers of iniquity, while the Saints will be gathered out from among them, and stand in Holy places ready to meet the Bridegroom when he comes.

I feel disposed to speak a few words more to you, my brethren, concerning the endowment: All who are prepared, and are sufficiently pure to abide the Presence of the Savior will see Him in the solemn assembly. (TPJS pg 91-92)

Beware of Pride also; for well and truly hath the wise man said, that pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. And again, outward appearance is not always a criterion by which to judge our fellow man; but the lips betray the haughty and overbearing imaginations of the heart; by his words and his deeds let him be judged. Flattery is also a deadly poison. A frank and open rebuke provoketh a good man to emulation; and in the hour of trouble he will be your best friend; but on the other hand, it will draw out all the corruptions of corrupt hearts, and lying and the poison of asps is under their tongues; and they do case the pure in heart to be cast into prison, because they want them out of their way.

A fanciful and flowery an heated imagination beware of; because the things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. Thy mind, O man! if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broad expanse of eternity -- thou must commune with God. How much more dignified and noble are the thoughts of God, than the vain imaginations of the human heart! None but fools will trifle with the souls of men.

How vain and trifling have been our spirits, our conferences, our councils, our meetings, our private as well as public conversations -- too low, too mean, too vulgar, too condescending for the dignified characters of the called and chosen of God, according to the purposes of His will, from before the foundation of the world! We are called to hold the keys of the mysteries of those things that have been kept hid from the foundation of the world until now. Some have tasted a little of these things, many of which are to be poured down from heaven upon the heads of babes; yea, upon the weak, obscure and despised ones of the earth. Therefore we beseech of you, brethren, that you bear with those who do not feel themselves more worthy than yourselves, while we exhort one another to a reformation with one and all, both old and young, teachers and taught, both high and low, rich and poor, bond and free, male and female; let honesty, and sobriety, and candor, and solemnity, and virtue, and pureness, and meekness, and simplicity crown our heads in every place; and in fine, become as little children, without malice, guile or hypocrisy. (TPJS pg 137-138)

ReCeiving the FULLNESS and Entering into Rest from the Prophet JOseph Smith July 2023
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