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“ONE” John 17: 11, 22 “ONE” appears 2000X in the Old & new Testament

ONE in Hebrew - Echadh Elohim is ONE God

If you choose to understand this, you must put aside the physical concept that we are Separate from God - Think Spiritual, Mental, Emotional

Aramaic: El-AH = GOD EloAH = Feminine, Mother, Wisdom, Glory

EL = Father, Masculine EliYAH is a name of Father and Mother as ONE

Deuteronomy 6:4 God YAHveh (JehovAH) is ONE, UNITED, UNIQUE

D&C 121: 28 Whether there be ONE or Many Gods shall be known in the last days

Jesus was not a Trinatarian – He always talked about He, Father and Mother being ONE

D&C 88:45 talks about Spirit of Christ being Truth, Light, Spirit.

Christ Says GOD IS A SPIRIT and they that Worship Him, must worship in Spirit and Truth

Spirit in Hebrew: RuACH, RUAHH in Aramiac, RUAHH HakodesAH = “HOLY” – Meaning: Holy FIRE, Light, LIFE, GLORY, PRESENCE

1 Cor 6:17 He that is joined (Married) unto the Lord is ONE SPIRIT

Romans 3:30 It is ONE God that justifies you!!

Moses 6: You are justified by the Holy Spirit!

2 Cor 13:11 & 1 Peter 3:8 BE OF ONE MIND

1 Tim. 2:5 THERE IS ONE GOD and ONE Mediator

Hebrews 2:11 HE that Sanctifieth and they who are Sancitfied ARE ONE!!!

1 John 5: 7, 2 Nephi 31:21, Alma 11:44, 3 Nephi 11:36, D&C 20:28 says: “The Father, The Word, and the Holy Spirit These 3 are ONE!!!

Mosiah 15:4 Abinadi says: They are ONE GOD, The VERY ETERNAL GOD!

4 NEPHI 1:17 The People are not any manner of ‘ites”, but they were ONE? D&C 35: 2 Be even One “IN” ME, as I am One “IN” the Father.

D&C 38: 27 BE ONE, if you are not ONE, you are NOT “MINE” (my Bride in New and Everalasting Covenant)

D&C 50: 43 & 93:7 The Father and I are ONE!

D&C 51: 9 Re-Ceive Alike, that ye may be ONE!

Moses 7:18 People of city of Enoch (taken up to Heaven) were of ONE MIND and ONE heart!

D&C 88: 41, 50 I AM the True Light that is “IN” You, and you are “IN” Me, otherwise you do not Thrive, Abound or even EXIST!!

D&C 93: 2 Jesus says: I AM the True Light that lighteth every man, I am “IN” the Father and the Father is “IN” Me and we ARE ONE!

Prophet Joseph says: IF we study our whole lives to come to Know God, we shall barely have enough time before we are gone back to that ONE GOD.

John 17:3 This is LIFE Eternal – TO KNOW The ONLY TRUE GOD!!!

See the point is WE ARE NOT Separate from GOD and Never have been – we only imagine we are separate because we are little children “trying to do it all My Self”. We only truly understand our ONE-ness when we let go of our natural man ego self and RE-CEIVE (Embrace within) our ONE-NESS with The Very Eternal God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

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