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YOU ARE HERE – with me NOW!!!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I feel your Presence within me!

When I open the door of my heart, there You are.

You reach into the depths of my weakness and pull me out of the hell I created.

Abide with me, Lord – I trust thy love.

I surrender all of my self to You.

I am eternally encircled in the arms of Thy Love.

When I’m weary or afraid or feeling down – I re-Turn to Thy Presence and rest in Thy care.

As I proclaim Thy love and Peace to a world weighed down with a pride and fear and greed, I feel your Joy burst my soul wide open.

You are King of the uni-Verse, yet you call me Thy Beloved one.

I am nothing. You are ALL – in ALL!

I can do anything when I am IN Thy Love, IN Thy “Name”.

I do nothing of myself, except You, my Bridegroom, you do the works in me.

I do nothing of value, except I let you do Thy Wonder-FULL work in me.

A bride cannot bring forth fruit of herself. The branch on the vine cannot bring forth fruit of it’s self.

I am but a submissive instrument of Thy Power – resting in the stillness of Thy Peace – instead of my frantic, stressed, weak attempt to perform some great deed on my own.

Thy Power flows through me to reach the “you” in others.

More of Thee!!! Less of me.

I have no desire to add any cubits to my stature.

You are the vastness of all of creations! You are the power of Love and Light that created and organized and hold this Uni-Verse together – in such magnificence and beauty.

And yet You choose to live in me and be with me for all of Eternity.

You have been with me for all of eternity and will be for all of eternity.

Yes, I Re-Ceive Thee (Embrace within). You are my eternal companion. I am eternally yours – Possess me now!!!

You are the True Light that is in me, and I am IN you.

I am an eternal part of you – You are the whole vine – I am a branch.

You feed and sustain me and carry me every moment.

You have placed just enough weakness in me to see that I am nothing without you – that humbles me so that I may turn every moment to Thy awesome Strength.

All imagined fighting super heroes combined are but fleas compared to the awe-some power of Thy Love within me.

Thy Love Within Me!!!!

My darkness is obliterated in and by Thy brilliant Light.

I choose to be Thy servant and to love and worship and Praise Thy “Name” forever.

O help me Lord, for I am not able to do the least, except I abide in you.

O Jesus, have mercy on my soul, for I have experienced the gall of bitterness and exquisite pain for having shut myself off from the brilliant light and glorious Power that you are in me.

Nothing is impossible, when I yield my heart to you.

All weakness and self-ish-ness and foolishness is sanctified from me in THIS moment as I yield me my whole heart to you.

Do with me as you will, for I am but Thy loving adoring servant.

You are all IN All, and through all, and round about all. I am OF you, and BY you.

I choose with all my heart and mind to come unto you every moment and abide every second of every beautiful day in you.

Every step I take and every act I make is to praise and glorify you.

I am no longer in a prison of fear or self-Ish-ness or hate or ego pride or jealousy or bitterness of grudges for the way greedy people have treated me – because you have freed me from all that.

I soar like and eagle high above in the brilliant Light of Thy Love.

"Oh, the Glory of Thy “Presence” bursts my soul with amazing JOY!!"

YOU ARE HERE – with me NOW!
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