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RE-Pent (Re-Turn TO God

Seek the Glory of God with ALL your heart

(Seek not for possessions, Power, Position, Praise or Pleasure)

Lose your Self (Ego Natural Man)

Cease climbing Corporate, Worldly and Religious Ladders.

Come Unto Christ and Hear-Ken to His Voice (Spirit)

Sell all thou hast and give to the poor, halt, sick, maimed, and captives.

Choose Liberty & Eternal Life THROUGH Christ.

Love your En-emy – Forgive ALL trespasses

Be Perfected IN Christ

Re-Ceive (Embrace within) Christ – Love, Light, Life Spirit, Truth

Know that Christ is the True Light that is IN you and you are IN Christ.

Let your Ego Self be consumed and put off IN Christ

Consider all things but dross and refuse except to know and Love Christ

Cease seeking to fix or exalt or save your “self”.

Know that you are part of God – a branch on the VINE of Christ - John 5

Submit to all things and experiences given to you by God are Gifts and Teachings.

Confess the Hand of God in ALL Things and BE Great-FULL for ALL THINGS

Be obedient to the Voice of God in you in ALL THINGS

As soon as you find your mind wandering into the things of self – turn your focus back to God.

Praise God each day from who ALL blessings and experiences flow – for your good and experience.

Seek not to possess anything but to be Possessed OF God.

Re-Ceive you Bridegroom and Love Him with ALL of your heart, mind and strength

Cease attempting to make your self Righteous.

Know that the Holy Spirit is always IN and speaking to you – LISTEN!!! Know that all things pertain to God-liness and Eternal Life are found by KNOWING God.

Deny your Un-Godliness

Love God with ALL your might, Mind, Heart, and Strength

See the Contrast of bitterness, pride, envy and competition OR Love, Meekness, Kindness, Light and Spirit.

Live in the Tree of Life (Christ, Spirit, Love, Light)

Cease allowing your mind and heart to be drug back into the Tree of Knowledge.

Apply God’s pure plant OILS to your mind and body every day.

See your body Re-NEW-ed each day through God’s living foods, water and Healing Oils.

Apply no toxins or poisons to your body

Listen to uplifting, inspiring music on NON-distorting speakers.

Let go of the traditions and philosophies and teachings of the fathers and Pharisees.

Let God’s Light, Love and Spirit sanctify you of all darkness and vanity and unbelief.

Believe ALL THINGS, hope ALL things and endure ALL THINGS for Christ.

Cease worshipping the Law – cease building a mansion of Your self.

Consider your motive for ALL THINGS – is it SELF - ISH, or is it to Glorify God? Seek to live according to the commendments, entreatments, enticements of God because you LOVE GOD – not for any selfish reason.

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