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Part 1 "Understanding who we ARE is synonymous with agreeing to make whateversacrifice is needed to live within The Presence of God; it is the “daily Sacrifice” (surrendering to the fire) of one's natural man self -- by one's divine eternal Self; it is the cost of a conscious relationship with the “Holy One” of Life, Light, Love, God, known only by being our part of God’s plan as revealed in each passing moment." “Sanctification (of self) cometh ONLY by yielding our ego self unto God” - to allow the self to be annihilated. Helaman 3: 33-35

We are sanctified by the Re-Ception of the Holy Spirit to be Born of God and changed and cleansed every whit. 3 Ne 27 Part 2 "It is impossible to be present to and “know” our eternal Self – a part of thePresence of the God -- and do more than one thing at a time....because 'multi-tasking' requires our attention and focus to be divided. Our focus is our prayer, our worship, our treasure – it is what we have placed our hearts on. And whatever we focus on (pray for) with real intent will be manifest and magnified to us, by the Spirit and Light that fills the immensity of all space.

We cannot serve God and our natural man self at the same time. We cannot focus on our own Natural-man-self desires and lusts – and also worship or “SEE” God. If my eye is on my ego self, I am worshipping my self. Strong Focus and attention is Worship. This is why we have broken the new and everlasting covenant and changed the ordainances (we currently think the ordainances will glorify our selves). We seek NOT the Lord and His Righteousness, but every man walketh after the image of his own (self) as God, which is an idol (idol worship = self worship). D&C 1:15-16

In other words, we seek glorification of our natural man self and we focus on our own righteousness, since we have been programmed to think that our righteousness is going to save and exalt us. It will not, but rather, as the Prophet Joseph said: The righteousness of man IS “Sin”. TPJS Our personal self righteousness is the thing that has cut us off from God, and has brought the “Whole church under condemnation”. It is vanity, pride, ego, and unbelief in Christ. It rejects the New Covenant and seeks to be a law unto itself. As Paul said, it is the stumbling stone of Israel, since Israel has always looked beyond the mark, rejected Christ, and sought for personal righteousness by “The Law”, all the while rejecting the righteousness of God. (See Romans 9: 30-33; 10:1-4) In other words, we can't see the Whole of any moment, nor see the perfection of God, unless we are surrendered to be a part of Holiness, the image of God." We can ONLY put off that real enemy to God, the Natural man, as we focus solely on God (Christ), and rely WHOLLY on His merits, mercy, Grace, Pure Love, and Power to cleanse us of our ego self, and perfect us back into AT-One-ment with the Presence of God. We must be wholeheartedly willing to lay our self on the altar of God. This is the ONLY acceptable sacrifice the sons of Levi can make in these last days. Only then will we “See” God and “enter in” the Presence. It is only then that we can Re-Ceive a Mighty change and become a WHOLLY new Creature “IN” Christ. “Since man (we) have fallen by partaking the Tree of Knowledge every day, we can merit NOTHING of our Selves” Alma 22:14

Cutting our Selves off from God
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