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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

TO ALL WHO ARE WEARY of the Constant Battle of The Tree of Knowledge – the Fight of Good vs Evil, which your Father asked you (Adam and Eve) NOT to partake – and of endlessly “striving” to make your false ego “self” Righteous – You are invited unto A MORE EXCELLENT WAY 1 Cor. 12:31, Ether 12:11

It is the way of the Tree of Life – the Pure Love of Christ – Moroni 7:48, 1 Corinthians 12:30

It is to “LOOK” on the staff raised up in the wilderness (Christ) and be healed by His Love

IT is to look to Him in, and for, ALL THINGS.

It is to “SEE” Him and See all things through His Eyes.

It is to KNOW Him intimately and personally as your Creator, Constant Guide, Comforter, Love of your soul, And your very Eternal Life.

It is to KNOW Him as your Bridegroom, Husband and much Beloved.

It is to surrender your whole heart and natural man mind to Him without compulsion, but voluntarily and wholeheartedly with firmness of Faith in Him Helaman 3:35

It is to KNOW Eternal Joy and Peace as you abide in Him.

It is to be a part of him, The VINE, that fills the Universe, and be a fruitful branch. John 15: 1-5

It is be a Bride of Christ, and Be One with Him in New and Everlasting Covenant, and KNOW Him as your constant companion in ALL Things.

It is to be sanctified of all ego, sin, striving, competition, contention, pride, fear, hate, jealousy, and self-pity. TO Be Clear: Power, Possession, Position, Pleasure, Praise of others is always a lust of the flesh that only occurs when we are living ON the Tree of Knowledge of Good VS Evil Perspective.

A More Excellent Way is to KNOW that you will NEVER be separated from His Perfect Love. Romans 8:39

It is to KNOW that you ARE eternally Encircled in the Arms of His Love 2 Nephi 4:9

It is to Know and SING the Song of Redeeming Love, and give ALL Glory to Christ. Alma 5:26

It is to be completely stripped of Pride, Vanity and Sin so that you are Prepared to Meet God Alma 5:48

IT is to KNOW HIM as the Truth, the Way, and the Eternal Life. Matthew

IT is the Easiness of the Way and the Lightness of His Yoke.

It is the Anointing of Pure Light and Love which removes our own self-created yoke of bondage.

It is to Re-Ceive all the gifts of Spirit, Fullness of Glory and Light.

It is to BE One with all of God’s beautiful Creations.

It is to BE a whole new creation of Light and BE with Him in ALL things.

It is to put ALL our trust and Faith in HIM and Be healed of ALL self righteousness (which is Sin), and Delivered the Natural Man Enemy to God.

It is to know an end of your Self created Problems and suffering, and Fighting and Ladder climbing.

To the Pure of Heart, it is Sweet above all that is Sweet and Pure above all that is Pure.

It is to enter into His Rest (A FULLNESS of GLORY) from this time henceforth – ye shall REST with Him in Heaven, NOW and for FOREVER. Moroni 7:3 The Kingdom of Heaven (GOD) cometh not with outward Observation, for the Kingdom of Heaven (God) is WITHIN YOU! Luke 17:20-22

To en-joy (Joy within) the power of His Love is to know a power that is always creative, never destructive or demeaning, but always healing, uplifting, inspiriting, building, joyful, Peaceful.

It is to be Perfected by His Grace, and BE Pure and HOLY without spot and BE ONE with Him in Perfect Love. Moroni 10:32-33

It is to Re-Ceive His Light, Love, Spirit, Glory in a Fullness until the Perfect Day and ye shall “KNOW” the Only True God. D&C 50: 23-29

Is it to offer your WHOLE soul as an offering unto Him. Omni 1:26

It is to Re-Ceive and MIGHTY Change of Heart and “SEE” Him in your countenance, and Re-Ceive the Love of God. Alma 5:14, 28, 34

It is to “Enter IN” to a Fullness of Glory in the Holy Order that Alma explained in Alma 13

It is to Re-Ceive His “NAME” in FULLNESS and BE His Sons and Daughters. King Benjamin- Mosiah 3-5

It is to BE made FREE and Abide IN His NAME, which is the ONLY WAY to BE Free. You may choose Liberty and Eternal Life through the At-One-Ment of Christ or captivity and Death by going your own Devilish Carnal Ego Selfish way 2 Nephi 2:27

IT is to BE FREE from all Pride, Ego, Position and Power seeking, Ladder Climbing, Possessions seeking, Worldliness, and Seeking Praise from others to assuage our natural man ego.

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