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We are not called to build the church. “Except the Lord build the House, they labor in VAIN that build it” Psalm 127:1. The church is not a building, or an organization – it is those people who believe in Him. We constantly attempt to vainly build our own lives into something we hope HE will be impressed by. But…….He is hoping we will Receive the Mansion He has already built for us.

The House that we are building in vain is our own lives, our own glorious Self, our own mansions we think we are building in Heaven – we labor in vain.

He has already prepared our mansions in heaven – why are we attempting to build our own? Do we really think we can build a House better than He? Cleansing the temple (sanctification) comes when we finally choose to surrender our hearts and lives to Him. “Sanctification cometh by yielding our hearts unto Christ” Helaman 3: 35

We are only frustrated with people if our faith and hope is in them! When our hope is in Christ, we are not discouraged when men fail us.

Frustration with the people shows that we have taken our focus off of Him.

He is the “AUTHOR” of our faith. He is the Finisher” of our faith. He GIFTS us faith, we do not earn it or develop it, nor buy it by our works.

We are to live by every WORD that proceeds from the MOUTH “OF” God.

To proceed means to come forth anew daily, like manna.

We truly worship Christ with our hearts, not with our Minds, part of the Natural man. With our lips we do honor Him, but our hearts are FAR from Him.

Jesus said to Moses: I AM – not I was, or I will be.

It is Life Eternal to KNOW Jesus NOW, not a historic Jesus, and not as an example as how we can use the Law to save and perfect ourselves. He is not just a great teacher – He is “THE TRUTH, THE WAY and THE LIFE”.

He is not Coming SOMEDAY – He is the Our Daily Bread – if we choose to not Receive Him daily we will die of lack of nourishment. We must choose each day to Re-Ceive Him. He is our HUSBAND, our Bridegroom, Our Redeemer, Our Salvation, Our Light and our Life, our ALL.

Christ IS the “WORD” that proceeds from the Mouth of God. See Alma 33

Jesus did not teach the Gospel – He IS the Gospel – the Glad Tidings of Great joy.

He is NOT “part” of the Message, HE IS THE MESSAGE.

He is not the great teacher of “The Word” – HE IS THE WORD!

Discipline and Principles may help us change behavior, but that is usually in the mind, which is like a ship of the sea tossed to and fro with every wind that blows. ONLY He can change our hearts (Conversion).

Apostles and Prophets are not so much given to FORM the church, but to encourage the Church to Re-Ceive the form of Christ within.

It is usually easier to place trust in "A" Truth, than to submit and surrender and put ALL your trust in “THE TRUTH”.

Hearing the words of the Lord are nowhere near as important Hearing the WORD Himself!

You cannot share the Bread of Life unless you Re-Ceive it first. As long as you leave it laying on the table, it does no one any good.

Jesus did not come to give New truths to perfect us, but to BE the Truth” that perfects us.

God’s message is not in words, but in “THE WORD”.

We are not changed by looking to ourselves for answers to the problems we have caused – Insanity is looking for the problem to solve itself. Or in doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to change us.

We are brought to Glory, Love and Joy by focusing on, and looking to the ONE who is Glory, Love and Joy in ALL THINGS.

True Worship and Devotion does not come from “Wanting” to See and Know Him, but from “SEEING HIM”. It’s like Beauty!!

That which holds our attention most is what we worship. Normally our utmost attention is on our Self. We generally worship our ‘Selves”.

In true worship, we are not looking for Him, but AT Him!

Worship, therefore, is increased focus on Him.

We are to be conformed to His Image, not our own Self-made Image of what we would like to be. When we focus on Self, we become Self-ISH! Focus on self always becomes “Sin”.

Have ye Re-Ceived His Image in your Countenance? When you look the mirror, can you “See” Him??

To be concerned about our own Glory or Rewards is to be looking at Self, not Him. This is a sure indication that we have not even perceived, let alone, focused on Him and His Love and His Grace and His Redeeming Perfecting Power.

The most destructive truth is the that one that comes by prophecy, Vision, Dream, or Revelation that causes us to focus on IT, rather than on Him. It becomes a mist of darkness to lead us away from Him, the Iron Rod, the WORD of God and the Living Tree of Life.

True Prophecy is not given to establish doctrine or testify of men. The Spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus – so said Peter and Joseph Smith.

Most false Prophets are teachers who make themselves a Light, rather than Him.

Never put your trust in the Arm of Flesh for Cursed is he that maketh flesh his “ARM” or putteth his trust in flesh – that means other people and our own fleshly natural man. Let us put ALL our Trust in Christ – for He is the ONLY One is Trust-Worthy!

Without His Pure Love: Revelation, prophecy and Spirit, Gifts become a distraction and deception for our pride and vanity.

If we are to be perfect before God, can use us, then the Pentecost and the First Vision were a farce; a lie. And there would have been no early Christian Church, nor a latter day one.

Those most on fire with the Spirit are the recently repentant converts to Him.

If our motives, desires, and our minds control us, then we will be aimless and ineffective.

We must not be controlled by Self, but by “The Holy Spirit of God”. Surrender to it.

God gifted us with Weakness to help us to be humble. When we see our weakness and turn to Him, He makes us strong by HIS Righteousness. If we think we are righteous, then that Self righteousness will damn us to our own Self created Hell. So said the Apostle Paul and the Prophet Joseph.

By declaring that we are inadequate, we are saying that our inadequacy is greater than God’s power to strengthen us. It is Ego Self Pride.

My “righteousness” or “Adequacy” will never get me to God, but the Blood of Christ will – it is BY His Grace “ALONE”. (What is the “Blood” of Christ?)

He does not call us for our strengths, but for our weakness, so that His strength shows in us and is perfected in us. If we are seen as strong of ourselves, we have just taken others focus off of Him.

Christ is the Work of Righteousness that the Father does in us.

We don’t move forward for fear of making a mistake, which means we don’t want to look foolish or bad. That is just plain vanity, Pride, Foolish EGO Self.

Protecting our self Image keeps us from Seeing God and His Power.

Alma 5:38 If we are not stripped of pride and vanity we keep ourselves from God – we are not prepared to Re-Enter into His Presence – nor Re-Ceive His Rest – the Fullness of His Glory!

The language of man is from the mind which thinks in opposites (duality) it divides and classifies, resists and excludes, separates and expresses lacks and wants.

The mind is never happy with what is, it is always discontent and trying to get somewhere and accomplish some “thing”. The action of the mind is “reaction” based upon memory (The past) or projection into the future. It is based on habit or lust for winning in the future. It is always climbing some ladder to get above others and to judge them, so we can win the race and be exalted as King of bunker Hill. It is always manipulative and judgmental and all becomes and strategy for the Race to win or to survive the attack from others who are trying to WIN.

Life is not about “WINNING” – it is about Losing - THE EGO Natural Man Self - which is our greatest Enemy keeping us from God.

The language of the Spirit is from the heart, the Spirit within. It is creative, it is building - it is Life.

It is IN-telligence, it is Love without Reason. It is open, it is free, it is not based on the past and does not need to accomplish or Become something great and important – only the Egotistical natural man desires to become someone great.

The heart or Spirit within is alive, it includes everything and everyone and holds on to nothing for survival. It is the Living Water that Lives in the Innermost BE-ing.

Language of Spirit is Peaceful and joyful, It is “I AM”. For with the heart, a man believes. The Lord looks for the Heart. We think we are Seeking to Find the Lord- in reality He is seeking us to release the Spirit and Light and Love within us.

Truth is not part of an institution. He does not belong to anyone or anything. He (the “TRUTH”) is universal – for all.

Oneness or unity comes from abiding in His Love. If we choose to abide in Him and His Light, we do not divide. The real use of the “priesthood” is to lead others into that Light and Love – to a personal Oneness with Him. That cannot be done unless we are continually abiding in His Love.

People are never changed by teaching doctrine or Law – they are changed by the Lord when they behold the Lord.

The symbol of the burning of incense is to signify the action of our prayer wafting upwards to Heaven – “May my prayers be a continual incense before Thee” Psalm 141:2

Instead of always “thinking for ourselves”, He chooses that we might continually converse with Him and He with us.

The Lord is not just hoping to change us, He is choosing that our whole Self will be placed on the altar to be entirely consumed as a burnt offering”, so that nothing of the Self is left – an empty vessel ready and willing to be filled with His Love and His Infinite Life.

Overcome Evil with Good Romans 12:21

Paul counted persecution as valuable because if we show love in the face of evil, it disarms and opens the door to mercy, peace and love. Treasure Enemies!

What ever you focus on with real intent, will manifest in your life. Should we focus on Evil? Or on Love?

We must guard ourselves from loving people more than we love the Lord. That is called trusting and worshipping the “arm of Flesh”, which thing the Lord pleads with us never to do.

Those whose fear have caused them to avoid the Powers of God will become easy prey to the supernatural powers of Anti-Christ when he shows them.

God does not need to test us – He already knows our hearts. Tests are to reveal us to ourselves, AND to change our hearts. It is only in the greatest injustice that greatest love can be shown!

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