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Elder Bruce R McConkie:

“What salvation is Free? What salvation comes by the grace of God? With all the emphasis of the rolling thunders of Sinai, we answer: ALL SALVATION IS FREE: ALL comes by the merits and mercy and grace of the Holy Messiah; there is NO SALVATION OF ANY KIND, nature, or degree that is not bound to Christ and His Atonement.” (Promised Messiah, Page 346-347)

“Does salvation come by grace, by grace alone, by grace without works? It surely does without any question, in all its parts, types, kinds, and degrees. We are saved by grace, without works; it is a gift of God. How else could it come? In His Goodness and Grace the great God ordained and established the plan of salvation. NO WORKS ON OUR PART WERE REQUIRED. In His Goodness and Grace—and this above all—He gave His only Begotten Son to ransom man and all Life from the Fall – the temporal and Spiritual Death. He sent His Son to redeem mankind, to atone for the Sins of the world, to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man. And again all this comes to us as a FREE GIFT and without works.

There is nothing any man could do to create himself. That was the work of God. And there neither has been, nor is, nor ever can be, any way nor means by which man alone can, by any power he possesses, redeem himself.

We cannot resurrect ourselves any more than we can create ourselves. We cannot create a heavenly abode for the Saints, nor make provision for the continuation of the family unit in eternity, nor bring salvation and exaltation into being!!!

Truly there is no way to overstate the goodness and grandeurs and glories of the Grace of God which bringeth salvation (and Eternal Life). Such wondrous love, such unending mercy, such infinite compassion and condescension---all these can come ONLY from the Eternal God who lives in Eternal Life and desires ALL of His children to be inheritors of Eternal Life.”

“Suppose we have the scriptures, the gospel, the priesthood, the Church, the ordinances, the organization, even the keys of the kingdom---everything that now is down to the last jot and tittle—and yet there is no Atonement of Christ. What then? Can we be saved? Will all our good works save us? Will we be rewarded for all our righteousness?

Most assuredly we will NOT!!!! We are not saved by works, no matter how good; we are saved because God sent His Son to shed His Blood in Gethsemane AND on Calvary that ALL THROUGH HIM MIGHT BE RANSOMED (AND SAVED). WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!!!”

(What Think Ye of Salvation By Grace, Page 47-48, Bruce R McConkie)

12McKonkie on Salvation by Grace ALone
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I would like to see you add to this article the difference between SALVATION and EXALTATION so people reading it don't think going to the Celestial Kingdom is a free gift. It is true that everyone who is born will have ETERNAL LIFE (i.e. SALVATION). But there are 3 degrees of glory and those going to the any of the 3 kingdoms (i.e. Telestial Kingdom) receive SALVATION and ETERNAL LIFE but not EXALTATION. EXALTATION and ETERNAL LIVES (note the S on the end of that word) (i.e. ability to have children in the next life) is only for those who stayed on the covenant path (i.e. "works") and go to the Celestial Kingdom. Your article here could lea…


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