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We each have a choice to make - for choice is the very purpose of our lives.

The main choice we may make in life is to live our lives from the perspective of the natural man or to live IN the Spirit. As Paul said, “Those who live IN the Spirit are the Sons/Daughters of God.

I think it would be highly advantageous for us to evaluate what life looks like through the eyes of the Natural man, and then through the eyes of the Spiritual man.

The great apostle Paul said: The natural man cannot understand the things of the Spirit. This also means that the natural man cannot enjoy Liberty, since wherever the Spirit is, there is liberty. The Lord Jesus Christ is that Spirit. D&C 88 & 1 Cor

God is Spirit and they that worship Him, must worship IN the Spirit.

The natural man is physical, carnal, sensual and Devilish and is THEE Enemy to God.

The natural man focuses on himself doing everything physical to earn salvation, not realizing that the concept of earning salvation does not appear in the scriptures. The ordinances are the physical rituals that the natural man does to climb the ladder to Heaven and become “Like” God.

The earth is full of Natural men whose hearts are upon themselves and their own deeds to earn their place in the heavenly corporate kingdom.. With their lips they draw near unto God, but their hearts are far from God and they have the appearance of righteousness but they deny the power thereof.

In his mind, the natural man, like a whited sepulchre, would not commit the least sin, but in his heart, he transgresses the WHOLE Meaning of the Law. Matthew and Alma 34.

The natural man believes only in things he can touch and smell and see with his natural eyes and things he can hear with his natural ears. Hence the tendency to make God into a man and to make The Law into his god, and to Exalt” himself by The Law. This is why the Natural man cannot ever “SEE” God.

The natural man believes the ordinances and Laws will save and perfect him.

The natural man believes that a stone building is the highest place on earth he can ever be, all the while not recognizing what he is taught in that stone building – that Man is the Tabernacle of God, even temples.

The Natural man cannot comprehend God because he continues to reject the Light and love of God by seeking and lusting to be his own Light and to develop enough love through corporate service to become “The Love of God”, the Living Waters, the Tree of Life.

The natural man thinks that his salvation is found in his ability to live all the 613 laws of god perfectly, and therefore he believes that his ultimate god is “The Laws and “The Covenants” that he makes to perfect himself by.

The natural man thinks that Zion is a city where only those who have perfected themselves by the Law can be admitted into.

The natural man thinks that the ordinances that he “does”, will save him. For example, he believes that Baptism of water will wash away his sins.

The Natural man thinks that God expects him to save and perfect himself and become his own god through The Law.

The Natural man thinks that Christ cannot return to be our captain and our prophet until we build the city of Zion ourselves

The Natural man thinks that if he can be so righteous as to bring Christ down from above in the flesh, then he is now a prophet to others and can save them by telling them what to do.

The natural man does not understand who the “Devil” is, and therefore he continuously listens to the devil within himself.

The natural man has more faith in the devil to lead him astray than in Christ to lead him into life eternal.

The natural man, like the Pharisees of old, studies the scriptures to find all the Principles and ideals and standards of the “Gospel”, to live those principles so that he can earn eternal life, all the while never finding eternal life in himself. John 5

The natural man thinks that repentance is the 5 steps that we should take to cleanse ourselves of sin and thereby fixing his own sins, all the while continuing to live in his sinfulness of trying to become his own god – which is an idol. D&C 1:15-16

The natural man lives in the bondage of sin, because he will not come unto Christ and will not Hear His Voice D&C 88

The natural man rejects and denies Christ by trying to become “LIKE” Christ. He will not accept the offering of Christ, because he believes his expected purpose in life is to become his own Christ, and to save and perfect himself.

The Natural man condemns himself to death and hell because of his vanity(pride) of trying to exalt himself by the Law and by his own works of “righteousness”, and by his unbelief in Christ to save and perfect him. D&C 88

The natural man egotistically seeks (Lusts) for Power, and Position among men, and pleasures to comfort himself, and for praise of others, for possessions (all that the Father hath), all the while only finding pain and suffering and fear and relationships gone wrong .

The Natural man believes in and teaches the gospel of Separation theology and lives in duality all his miserable life. He does not realize that the Spiritual Law causes him to perish from that which is “Good”, and to become miserable forever.

The natural man believes in the corporate hierarchy, that the way to the top is by climbing the ladder to Heaven.

The natural man believes that Heaven is a corporate multi-level organization where God is the CEO of the corporation and has earned that position. He believes he may work himself up in the organization by earning the next higher up position. Hence, the tendency of missionaries to believe that they are more loved by God if they are chosen to higher position (district leader, Zone leader, Ass.t to the President).

Some natural men even think they should be the bishop or the stake president because they have more “knowledge” than the one who is currently serving.

The natural man thinks that if Christ appears to him in the flesh, then he now has automatically received his Calling and Election to the Top Board of Directors made sure, all the while not knowing that his lust for calling and election above others keeps him in his self created hell.

The natural man does not understand why the Prophet Joseph said: The righteousness of man is SIN.

The natural man has sought all his life to make himself righteous by the works of the Law and has never found righteousness, because he continues to seek to establish his own righteousness and cannot SEE God’s Righteousness.

The Natural man does not have an eye single to the Glory of God, but to establish his own glory.

He thinks that God made himself glorious by living perfectly every Law above Him, and that we should do the same.

The natural man cannot comprehend the New Covenant, because he believes the New Covenant is ‘The Laws, the Principles, The Covenants he makes to live perfectly.

The natural man cannot receive the fruit of the Tree of Life because he barrs the way to the Tree of Life, by daily partaking and living by the Tree of Knowledge.

The natural man believes in fighting the fight between good VS. Evil, not knowing that the more he does that, the more he distances himself from God. He also believes that Evil has power over him. The more he focuses on that concept of Evil, the more power it has over him.

The Natural man does not recognize that Light ALWAYS reveals the non-existence of Darkness.

The Natural man does not recognize that Love casts all fear out of our natural man minds, and that is the only place that fear exists – in our natural man minds.

The natural man cannot see the Light in the midst of ALL THINGS.

The Natural man does not know where the Tree of Life is, nor does he know what seed to plant to grow the Tree of Life.

The natural man serves others so that he can work himself up the ladder of the corporate kingdom.

The natural man does not teach his children the deadness of The Law, nor does he know from whence his salvation cometh. He does not recognize what salvation is – to save him from his EGO SELF! 2 Nephi 25:

The natural man understand very little of the At-ONE-ment wrought by Christ, and points the finger of scorn at those who teach faith in Christ, the Lord Almighty, who created all things from the beginning, and who is in reality, the AUTHOR and finisher of their faith , and the giver of Eternal Life, the greatest of all Gifts of God.

The Natural man does not seek to KNOW God (Christ) and therefore does not comprehend himself.

The natural man has more faith in the devil to deceive him, than in Christ to Save him, all the while not

re-cognizing who the real Enemy to God is.

The natural man knows very little of the life and light that is in him. D&C 88

The natural man cannot comprehend the description of God in D&C 88:

The natural man believes the Priesthood is Power and Authority to control and have dominion over all things and over others. He believes he can save himself and others by his concept of Priesthood.

Where there is no (SPIRITUAL) VISION, the people perish. AMOS

The natural man does not know why God’s ways are not our ways, nor why God’s thoughts are NOT our thoughts.

The Natural Man
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