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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

WHICH ARE YOU? EPHRAIM OR JUDAH??? Isaiah 11:13 13 (In the last days) the envy also of Ephraim shall depart, Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. 2 Nephi 21:13 13 (In the last days) the envy of Ephraim also shall depart, Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim (anymore). Who is Judah in these last days? Who is Ephraim in these last days? How long has Judah been vexing Ephraim and why? Why does Ephraim envy Judah? EPHRAIM? – (Those who seek to Come unto Christ OR JUDAH? (Those who seek to exalt themselves and Be the Bride of Christ) by “The Law” – the Pharisees)

Why does Ephraim envy Judah? Ephraim was born with tendencies as follows: Look unto God in all things Seek to Be Immersed in the Spirit Choose to BE born of God Focus on Spiritual Things of God Choose to Re-Ceive Mysteries of God Seek to understand the At-One-ment of Christ Speak of Spiritual experiences Seek to KNOW Christ intimately as a bride seeks to Know her Husband Seeks to understand the New Covenant Rebel against those who seek power Obedience is focused on Christ Seek not for Power, but to bring it down Believe that priesthood is about Love and Spirit Seek not for Exaltation and Kingdoms Not that concerned about possessions or praise of others Not really worried about how they look to others Seek Personal Relationship with Christ - to Know Him. Rely wholly upon the merits of Christ and His Grace Question Everything. Do not trust the Arm of Flesh Seek God’s counsel and inspiration. Rebel against authority figures and power freaks. Do not buy into Corporations and top down organizations. Generally entrepreneurs and value highly their agency from God – to choose for themselves. Know that it is wicked to compel others or use force in any way. Love is creating power in their lives. Choose to do what they do because of Love. Choose to trust in God and live in God’s Presence. Why does Judah vex Ephraim? Judah was born with tendencies as follows: Lives in the Old Covenant – THE LAW Are seeking to perfect and save themselves by “The Law. Seek “Exaltation” of the Self Are generally Doctors of the Law and “the flesh” Seek Power and Position Seek Authority and power over others Cannot “See” the New Covenant Follow Moses with great loyalty to Moses Obedience is to men with “Power” and “Authority” Seek to become their own God and obtain a “Kingdom” Seek Leadership and Influence Build Corporations of people “Under” them Think Priesthood is about Authority & Compulsion Arrogant, Unteachable, Prideful in themselves Constantly talking about the Power they possess Rigid and Pharisaical – their interpretation of scripture is based in long traditions. Rely in Heirarchy and the Pre-Eminence of men Think that the Spiritual people are weird, off base. Teach the Letter of the Law and Gospel of Works. Always talk about the Law and demandments of God. As if they themselves would like to be a God-tyrant. Usually found organizing or belonging to secret combinations with oaths to other men to obtain and achieve possessions and power. Will search and preach the scriptures all their lives to discover how to achieve God-hood and Eternal. Will probably never discover that the Scriptures tesify that Eternal Life with God is found in Christ ONLY. They are grasping, think they are learned, ever searching but never finding “THE TRUTH” (Christ)

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